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1health Streamlines Rapid Test Results for Healthcare Providers and Employers

1health Streamlines Rapid Test Results for Healthcare Providers and Employers

1health, a leading cloud platform for modern diagnostic test management and pioneer of COVID-19 risk mitigation solutions, today announced the release of its newest offering, ResultShare, a powerful cloud-based platform designed to solve the deployment, tracking, and integration of results for rapid test devices.

1health introduces the ResultShare platform to enable secure and compliant sharing of rapid diagnostic test results.

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, employers and healthcare providers are looking for uncomplicated ways to efficiently implement testing and prevention strategies to safeguard their populations. Rapid Over the Counter (OTC) or Point of Care (POC) diagnostic tests offer a simple solution, but challenges with capturing and sharing results with the appropriate parties have slowed adoption.

1health, in partnership with healthcare providers, rapid test manufacturers, and enterprise partners, is now releasing the revolutionary ResultShare platform. ResultShare empowers test device manufacturers and distributors to better reach and serve their growing customer base by enabling simple registration, easy result capture & seamless system integrations.

Through the 1health solution, patients are able to register and capture test results in a few, simple steps. Results are uploaded to a secure health cloud where enterprises or healthcare providers can easily access them – pending the patient’s approval. The solution can be applied to virtually any rapid test device and designed for an easy, seamless launch. Further, any organization or provider with the appropriate permissions may access the health cloud, making it easy for device manufacturers to leverage ResultShare for both existing customers and new business.

“Effectively managing the COVID pandemic is in part dependent on the integration of rapid test information into digital compliance databases, which has thus far been a barrier in the adoption of rapid testing across the country,” said Al Hariri, COO of 1health. “At 1health, we are committed to continued partnership with device manufacturers and distributors to ensure that through our new ResultShare platform, we can promote more widespread usage of these critical diagnostic test devices.”

The ResultShare platform builds on the 1health standard of delivering innovative integrations and interfaces that help labs and their customers make clinical testing more accessible and impactful. 1health was also a pioneer in developing and releasing COVID-19 testing and vaccine verification services, allowing companies across the country to safely bring their workforces back onsite.

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