Clearview Energy Voices Concerns Over New Massachusetts Legislation

Clearview Energy Voices Concerns Over New Massachusetts Legislation

Clearview Energy, an Electric Retailer specializing in energy derived from renewable resources, announced this week their opposition to Section 54 in S. 2842, currently on the docket in the Massachusetts legislature.

Clearview Energy fully supports the primary purpose of the comprehensive bill to address climate change and to advance offshore wind and clean energy initiatives but opposes Section 54, which would ban electric choice for residential consumers, beginning January 2023.

Almost 500,000 Massachusetts residents have shopped the market and chosen an energy supplier other than their default utility.  Clearview Energy has more than 13,000 Massachusetts customers who have chosen their renewable energy product to power their homes.  The proposed market ban will force these customers back to their default utility.

According to Clearview Energy President and Founder Frank McGovern, “Clearview Energy provides affordable, reliable, renewable energy products to our customers. We have also worked hard to support our Electric Vehicle (EV) customers with a line of products that provide free EV charging, which supports Massachusetts’ goal of selling only EVs by 2035.”

“But Section 54 of S. 2842 will close the market to our industry and force our customers to use a default service. This does more than harm us as a business. The ban eliminates competition, which eliminates competitive pricing. It also inhibits progress and innovation, specifically regarding many EV initiatives.”

The open, competitive market provides customers with options on the kind of energy they use, pricing terms, and special products, such as the Clearview EV product. The biggest barrier to purchasing an EV is home charging. Since 2017, Clearview has partnered with ChargePoint, the world’s largest EV charging network, incentivizing consumers to not only purchase EVs but to also contribute to off-peak charging. As more and more EVs enter the market, managing charging times and battery storage will become increasingly vital to the reliability of the electric grid.

Electric choice is no longer just about rates. Competitive markets drive innovation and require companies to be nimble and responsive to customer demands offering a diverse mix of incentives, such as nightly charging, weekend charging, rebates, and charging credits. Choice is about offering consumers products and incentives that allow them to more easily adopt new technology and adapt to a rapidly changing industry.

McGovern affirmed that Clearview Energy does not oppose the entirety of the climate bill, but with Section 54 in place, almost 20% of renewable generation customers would go away.

“As a renewable energy company, we fully support the measures most of this legislation will take to improve air quality. The spirit of the bill mirrors our own company’s mission statement,” said McGovern. “We just believe there’s a way to achieve the environmental benefits while maintaining a competitive, affordable marketplace.”

Clearview Energy has called upon state legislators to remove the language banning the residential competitive electric market.

“Our goal is simple: to continue serving the people of Massachusetts, to continue promoting clean energy initiatives to slow the rate of climate change, and to do so in a competitive and thriving market.”

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