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Cognivia CEO Dominique Demolle, PhD, Named Among 2022’s Most Inspiring People by PharmaVoice

Cognivia CEO Dominique Demolle, PhD, Named Among 2022’s Most Inspiring People by PharmaVoice

PharmaVoice 100 showcases distinguished individuals across a number of sectors in the life sciences industry based on their ability to innovate, pioneer new paths, and lift their company to new heights – all with a wholehearted dedication to improving patients’ lives. Dominique Demolle, PhD, joins the list of inspiring leaders due to her role in founding and guiding Cognivia to where it is today – and steering the company towards a bright future.

As a career drug developer, Demolle experienced firsthand the frustrations that came from knowing a compound should work, but not being able to consistently demonstrate efficacy in clinical trials. In thinking how to improve this process, she hypothesized that integrating patient psychology data would have a very significant (and positive) impact on drug development. To put that hypothesis to the test, Cognivia – propelled by Demolle’s leadership – developed tools that leverage disease-specific AI-based predictive models to deliver patient psychology insights. And that hypothesis is being proved correct through the first clinical trial solution, Placebell©™, which is used for predicting each clinical trial patient’s placebo response. So far, this method has produced positive results in a variety of indications like chronic pain (nearly 40% improvement in assay sensitivity) and other indications in neurology and ophthalmology.

In 2013 alongside two close colleagues, Demolle laid the foundation for Cognivia’s success with not only the right infrastructure but also a likeminded group of people to support the novel concept. Today, with the Placebell©™ approach proven, other solutions in development (for example, prediction of patient compliance), and a growing expert team, Demolle is preparing the company for the future – with her sights on scalability, automation and next-gen solutions.

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