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EmotiPlay – Giving children with autism the power of emotion recognition takes to the Cloud

PORTLAND, Oregon, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EmotiPlay announced it’s taking its flagship Program EMOTIPLAY for children ages 4 -12 to the UnitusTI cloud.  EmotiPlay is partnering with Mundo Pato, Inc. to take full advantage of its UnitusTI cloud publishing tools and curriculum server given its flexibility, scalability, and tailored approach to learning.  As with the EmotiPlay program, UnitusTI was developed by professional educators and therapists and has demonstrated results in helping children with special needs, including autism, achieve more.

EmotiPlay is a research-based tool that helps therapists and teachers teach children with autism to understand emotions. EmotiPlay was developed in collaboration with leading universities in Europe, Cambridge in the UK, Karolinska in Sweden, and Bar-Ilan in Israel. The European Union conducted a large-scale study to investigate how EmotiPlay can help children with autism learn “the language of emotion” in order to improve their inclusion and integration in society. This study of EmotiPlay, demonstrated improved recognition of emotion in all modalities after 8-12 weeks of intervention in three separate cultural contexts. The platform demonstrated significant potential in addressing the needs of children with autism and helping them overcome emotion recognition difficulties.

“In today’s learning environment, we believe digital tools and teaching materials are the future for helping teachers and learners maximize their potential,” said Gil Ilutowich, CEO and Owner of EmotiPlay.  “We chose Mundo Pato and the UnitusTI platform because it’s a company of individuals who understand our industry, and they provide a technology platform that’s tailored to our learning environment. It really is a match made in heaven – special educators combined with experts in technology.”

“We’re excited to partner with EmotiPlay to bring its enriched curriculum with dozens of fun activities and hundreds of curated examples of emotional expression designed to help kids with autism learn life skill lessons and thrive,” said Esther Thane, VP Business Development at Mundo Pato, Inc. “When we saw the EmotiPlay Program and how perfectly it aligned with UnitusTI, we knew we had to expand this Program to make it more accessible for students, therapists, and educators everywhere.”

EmotiPlay is a research-based tool that helps therapists and teachers teach children with autism to understand emotion, a life skill that impacts almost every element of their lives.

Mundo Pato, Inc. is a multidisciplinary cloud publishing company dedicated to the creation of cloud solutions for the educational and treatment fields. With its publishing platform UnitusTI, tools are designed to enhance the effectiveness of treatment and education by turning data into insights and creating a seamless communication environment between learners, educators and parents.


Esther Thane, VP Business Development 

(503) 720-6435

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