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MedAustron becomes first center in the world to use RayCommand to treat patients

MedAustron becomes first center in the world to use RayCommand to treat patients

RaySearch is proud to annouce that the treatment control system RayCommand®* is in clinical use at the innovative center MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt in Austria. Through this milestone MedAustron also becomes the first oncology center where RayStation®*, RayCare®* and RayCommand are used together to treat patients.

MedAustron is a pioneering center for ion therapy and research, specialized in advanced cancer treatment using protons and carbon ions, which is the most advanced form of radiation therapy. The center is one of only six comparable centers worldwide.

RaySearch and MedAustron have been collaborating since 2012, when MedAustron was RaySearch’s first customer for carbon ion therapy treatment planning in RayStation. In June 2019 MedAustron decided to replace other existing systems to exclusively use RaySearch software. Since then, the development teams at RaySearch and MedAustron have cooperated in a unique and close collaboration to develop both RayCare and RayCommand to meet MedAustron’s complex requirements, with the treatment control system RayCommand serving as a seamless link between the treatment machine and the treatment planning and oncology information systems.

RaySearch products will improve radiotherapy at MedAustron

When MedAustron recently took first RayCare and then RayCommand in clinical use a big milestone was reached. The clinical benefits of connecting the three systems RayStation, RayCare and RayCommand are, among other things, streamlined workflows across the systems and automatically transferred data at key steps, important features contributing to enhanced operational efficiency as well as safety throughout the course of radiation treatment delivery.

Johannes Hopfgartner and Piotr Andrzejewski, Project Leads at MedAustron, say: “We are looking back to a more than a three-year project period together with the development teams of RaySearch. In this extensive and fruitful collaboration, we managed to translate the essential clinical needs of MedAustron into the current versions of RayCommand, RayCare and RayStation. We look forward to cooperating and contributing to the further development of the software suite.”

Markus Stock, Head of Medical Physics at MedAustron, says: “MedAustron has already been collaborating successfully with RaySearch for more than 10 years. The integrated, single software platform from RaySearch convinced us to extend our partnership on RayCare and the newly developed RayCommand. As a result, we are future-proof in terms of workflows in- and outside of the treatment rooms and we will continue to strive together for further improvements of safety, efficiency and productivity while keeping the patients in focus.”

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: “We have had a close collaboration with MedAustron for many years and I am proud that this center, at the forefront of proton and carbon ion therapy in the world, has chosen to only use RaySearch software. I am also very pleased with the successful clinical launch of RayCommand and look forward to future collaboration and to continue exploring the possibilities within proton and carbon therapy together with the professional team at MedAustron.”

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