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Notix Increases Push Notifications Efficiency: 15 MLN Subscribers for Softonic

Notix Increases Push Notifications Efficiency: 15 MLN Subscribers for Softonic

Notix, an innovative push notifications service, helps website owners build a comprehensive audience engagement strategy. The service provides a pack of tools for efficient subscriber migration, testing, tracking, communication, and monetization.

As exemplified by their Softonic success story, Notix has a potential to boost the subscribers amount and activity manifold. After integrating Notix, the mentioned company reached 40 MLN visits monthly and 15 MLN active subscribers in a couple of months.

Softonic case

Softonic International is one of the leaders in the Spanish market – this is a large online platform where users can download software, utilities, apps, extensions, games.

With the help of Notix tools, Softonic improved targeting, adjusted ad frequency, and customized creatives. The company noticed a sharp increase in audience activity, plus re-engagement of the previous subscribers, who used to mostly ignore the ads previously. Notix helped Softonic monetize their expanding audience and boost the overall platform performance. 

Notix strategies

Notix started their cooperation with Softonic in May 2021. First, the service worked with a branch-resource of Softonic, called Filehippo. This platform also specializes in free software and demo-versions of programs. Notix helped website owners collect and monetize their subscribers by means of engaging push notifications.

After getting the earliest positive results, Notix integrated with Softonic itself and started the user migration process, since the resource was already popular and had a large base of subscribers before.

Users started interacting with high-quality ad feeds with promotions related to different niches, where they could receive information about news and product/service offers. Also, the ad frequency was modulated to ensure user convenience – the most relevant hours of user activity were chosen to send messages when visitors are the most willing to interact with the online content.

To increase engagement, Softonic also customized push notifications with targeted content and segmented their audience to stay maximally relevant and individualized.

Key components of the improved user engagement by Notix

Notix strategy developed for Softonic brought notable results and helped the service reach exceptional efficiency of push notifications delivery, due to the following key components:

  • Audience segmentation

Notix tools were used to separate subscribers into numerous audiences according to users’ interests. This way, a high level of engagement was achieved – targeted content in delivered push notifications became more relevant for each visitor.

  • Targeting by GEO and platform

To make sure that users receive the most relevant content, Notix facilitated accurate targeting by device type and location.

  • Testing creatives

Different creatives were tested to understand which evoke interest in Softonic users more intensively.

  • Scheduling

After distinguishing the highest user activity hours, Notix ensured to schedule the ad campaigns accordingly and send notifications at the best time.

Notix brought Softonic push notifications strategy to the new level due to personalized approach and attention to company’s needs. Ad scheduling, targeting, creatives, and overall ad quality were improved and adjusted. With both ad feed provided by Notix monetization plan and Softonic’s own customized content sent through the platform, the company managed to receive millions of new subscribers and re-engaged previously-collected audiences.

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