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Vibliome Therapeutics and AssayQuant Technologies, Inc. Establish Collaborative Relationship

Vibliome Therapeutics and AssayQuant Technologies, Inc. Establish Collaborative Relationship

Vibliome Therapeutics, LLC, and AssayQuant Technologies, Inc., announced today that they have entered into an agreement whereby AssayQuant will provide Vibliome access to their proprietary PhosphoSens® Technology for kinome-wide profiling of Vibliome’s small molecule Type II inhibitors of kinase activity, and provide services for data-rich biochemical and kinetic assessment of their inhibitors. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We’re excited to enter into this broad collaboration with AssayQuant,” said Dr. Robert Goodwin, Vibliome’s CEO. “AssayQuant’s PhosphoSens technology is uniquely suited to advance Vibliome’s kinase inhibitor program. PhosphoSens provides a deep understanding of our compounds including specificity, potency, mode-of-inhibition, reversibility, and time-dependent inhibition. This, along with AssayQuant’s world-class scientific support and fast turnaround times powered by automation, will make this a highly productive partnership that will accelerate Vibliome’s drug development programs.”

“Vibliome’s kinase inhibitor library approach to drug development is a perfect fit for our screening platforms,” said Dr. Erik Schaefer, AssayQuant’s CEO, CSO and co-founder. “Vibliome is a leader in drug development in working to deeply understand Type II kinase inhibition and the benefits that this binding mode can provide in both inhibitor selectivity and pharmacologic properties. We’re looking forward to generating information-rich high-quality activity data to help them further define the Type II inhibitor space as they advance their programs.”

“I am thrilled to see this meaningful partnership”, said Dr. Barbara Imperiali, AssayQuant’s CTO and co-founder as well as the inventor of the core technology exclusively licensed to AssayQuant by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I am deeply proud of the progress made by our team to create a robust offering that is being adopted by Vibliome and many other leading drug development companies”.

Kinases are key regulators of cell function that represent a large and functionally diverse gene family. There are over 500 kinase enzymes encoded by the human genome, and they control nearly all cellular functions by phosphorylating proteins and other biomolecules. Aberrations in these cell signaling pathways affect cell metabolism, division, activation, growth, differentiation and death, and are hallmarks in the development of cancer as well as other serious diseases. Kinase inhibitors are effective in targeting these signaling mechanisms that drive disease progression, yet currently approved drugs act against fewer than 40 kinase targets.

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